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R. William Ayres (Committee Member), Suzanne Franco (Committee Chair), Sharon Heilmann (Advisor), Jill Lindsey (Other), Tim Rafferty (Committee Member), Bruce Robertson (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


This study assessed the perceived differences in organizational culture between patrol officers and their supervisors, specifically testing role ambiguity, trust in supervision, organizational culture and communication, and transformational leadership behaviors. A sample of supervisors and their subordinate officers were surveyed to assess these variables. The data was analyzed using independent sample t-tests and bi-variate correlations to determine: (1) if there is a perceived division of culture between patrol officers and supervisors, (2) the factors that contributed to the perceived cultural division, (3) the role the leader plays in balancing communication culture, and (4) the relationship between perceived communication culture from the supervisors and patrol officers' perspectives. Independent Sample t-tests and correlational analysis were used with results indicating that there is a perceived division of culture between patrol officers and supervisors and the factors that contribute to this division include upward and downward communication, trust, and role ambiguity. Additionally, analysis indicated a positive relationship between perceptions of organizational culture and organizational communication based on the supervisors and patrol officers' perspective.

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Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

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