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Arthur Goshtasby (Advisor), Lang Hong (Committee Member), Jack Jean (Committee Member), Vincent Schmidt (Committee Member), Thomas Wischgoll (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


To construct a complete representation of a scene with environmental obstacles such as fog, smoke, darkness, or textural homogeneity, multisensor video streams captured in diferent modalities are considered. A computational method for automatically fusing multimodal image streams into a highly informative and unified stream is proposed. The method consists of the following steps: 1. Image registration is performed to align video frames in the visible band over time, adapting to the nonplanarity of the scene by automatically subdividing the image domain into regions approximating planar patches

2. Wavelet coefficients are computed for each of the input frames in each modality

3. Corresponding regions and points are compared using spatial and temporal information across various scales

4. Decision rules based on the results of multimodal image analysis are used to combine thewavelet coefficients from different modalities

5. The combined wavelet coefficients are inverted to produce an output frame containing useful information gathered from the available modalities

Experiments show that the proposed system is capable of producing fused output containing the characteristics of color visible-spectrum imagery while adding information exclusive to infrared imagery, with attractive visual and informational properties.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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