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Nathan Bowling (Committee Member), Gary Burns (Advisor), David Lahuis (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


This study examines the relationship between emotional exhaustion-the main component of burnout-and several facets of the Big Five Factors of personality. Previous research has found small relationships between the Big Five Factors and emotional exhaustion. I hypothesized that the facets of trust, cooperation, orderliness, and self-discipline will have curvilinear relationships with emotional exhaustion. The facets of vulnerability and depression were also hypothesized to moderate the curvilinear relationships between orderliness and self-discipline and emotional exhaustion. Regression analyses only found a curvilinear relationship between order and personal burnout when vulnerability was controlled for. A significant quadratic-by-linear interaction was found between order and vulnerability with personal burnout. Alternative explanations for results are given, implications are discussed, and future research is suggested.

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Department of Psychology

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