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Ernest Hauser (Advisor)

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The reprocessing of the WSU2002 seismic line indicates the presence of a Precambrian half-graben. Also observed through this reprocessing is the possible presence of Paleozoic structures. Although Paleozoic features have been interpreted, variations in glacial drift thickness evidenced by glacial drift maps also may have contributed to a lower quality of stacked section in comparison to other seismic lines. WSU2002 was originally processed by Lauren Geophysical. The Lauren processing resulted in an image that was of much lower quality than corresponding seismic lines. The Lauren Geophysical processed section revealed many horizontal Paleozoic reflections, with no prominent reflectors beneath the Paleozoic. This prompted a study to be done to reprocess the data and determine if other reflections could be found. As a result of the processing undertaken in this study new reflectors have been found beneath the Paleozoic reflections. There are multiple interpretations of the sub-Paleozoic reflections which lead to a half-graben interpretation. Also new in this study is topography in the usually flat lying Paleozoic reflections. A low coherency in reflections is assumed to be the result of glacial drift thickness variations. At one point in the lower Paleozoic reflections is interpreted above a reactivated fault. This anticline could also be the result of variations in glacial drift.

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