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Marian K. Kazimierczuk (Advisor), Mike Saville (Committee Member), Xiaodong (Frank) Zhang (Committee Member)

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSEgr)


With the improvement in the present day technology, power electronic engineers are more focused on systems which are fast and have better performance. Closed-loop systems with a fast response and better performance have been a priority these days. PWM converters are self-regulating voltage regulators with high efficiency. Depending upon the voltage level and the type of power conversion, different converters are used to meet the necessary demands. One such PWM converter is the, buck DC-AC converter which plays an important role in the applications related to high-frequency and low-power. Large-signal analysis of buck and buck-derived converters for both open-loop and closed-loop system is the subject of study in this thesis. Small-signal transfer functions for buck DC-AC for both open-loop and closed-loop systems is derived for resistive and impedance load. Further, the large-signal analysis of buck DC-AC converter will be performed and the quality of the output signal is evaluated using total harmonic distortion (THD). It is also proven that, the small-signal analysis of buck DC-AC holds true for large-signal simulations. In real time applications, most of the loads connected to buck converters are impedance loads. Thus, in this thesis, buck DC-AC converter is to function as an amplitude modulator for Class-E radio frequency (RF) power amplifier to achieve envelope tracking (ET). Finally, an overall conclusion will be provided on the small-signal analysis, its validation with respect to the large-signal simulations for resistive and impedance loads and the quality of the output signal in terms of THD.

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Department of Electrical Engineering

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