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Hank Fossett had the perfect life with his girlfriend, Liz: a steady job, a promising career as a local artist, a healthy relationship with a wonderful woman, all while living in the cosmopolitan city of Blophton. But Hank was just dumped and didn't see it coming. Now, after four years with his girlfriend, he's alone and must figure out how to get over the girl who broke his heart. Turns to his friends to help him try to get Liz back. Instead, they help Hank get over Liz in a series of twelve steps crafted by Hank's old friend and war veteran, Chuck. Many of these steps are intuitive, such as feeling sorry for yourself and remembering the bad times. Other steps lead Hank back into the direction of his friends and then encourage him to make new friends. Eventually, with the help of his friend Cheryl, who introduces him to the world of online dating, Hank dates again. As Hank follows the steps to move on from his relationship, he begins to realize that his friends, and his father, have more serious problems: Chuck has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his time in Afghanistan, Cheryl is trying to get over being sexually assaulted, Hank's father, a physician, still blames himself from the death of Hank's grandfather. While Hank is moving on, another narrator fills in the past, moving backwards from days just before Hank was dumped to the very first time Hank and Liz met. In these passages, we learn that his relationship with Liz wasn't as solid as he thought it was. Hank accepts his mistakes and moves on from Liz as the twelve step program leads him in new directions in life he never expected to go.

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