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Travis Doom (Committee Member), John Gallagher (Advisor), Mateen Rizki (Committee Member)

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Master of Science in Computer Engineering (MSCE)


Research in Flapping Wing - Micro Air Vehicles(FW-MAVs) has been growing in recent years. Work ranging from mechanical designs to adaptive control algorithms are being developed in pursuit of mimicking natural flight. FW-MAV technology can be applied in a variety of use cases such a military application and surveillance, studying natural ecological systems, and hobbyist commercialization. Recent work has produced small scale FW-MAVs that are capable of hovering and maneuvering. Researchers control maneuvering in various ways, some of which involve making small adjustments to the core wing motion patterns (wing gaits) which determine how the wings flap. Adaptive control algorithms can be implemented to dynamically change these wing motion patterns to allow one to use gait based modification controllers even after damage to a vehicle or its wings occur. This thesis will create and present a hardware research platform that enables hardware-in-the-loop experimentation with core wing gait adaptation methods.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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