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William Feld (Advisor), Eric Fossum (Committee Chair), Kenneth Turnbull (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


The oxyalkylene containing, meta linked monomers 1,2-bis(3-(4-fluorobenzoyl)phenoxy)ethane, 1,3-bis(3-(4-fluorobenzoyl)phenoxy)propane, 1,4-bis(3-(4-fluorobenzoyl)phenoxy)butane, 1,5-bis(3-(4-fluorobenzoyl)phenoxy)pentane can be prepared by a three-step process starting with the dialdehydes (1,2-bis(3-formylphenoxy)ethane, 1,3-bis(3-formylphenoxy)propane, 1,4-bis(3-formylphenoxy)butane and 1,5-bis(3-formylphenoxy)pentane, respectively). Polymerization of the monomers with bisphenol-A gave soluble, thermally stable amorphous poly(ether ether ketone)s. The polymers exhibited molecular weights of (Mw/Mn) (21,841/ 8721) g/mol, (21,195/ 7569) g/mol, (9,107/ 2819) g/mol and (12,990/ 4723) g/mol, respectively. Thermal analyses of the polymers revealed Tgs of 112º, 106º, 92º and 91º, respectively and 5% weight losses under a nitrogen atmosphere of 389º, 410º, 411º and 414º, respectively.

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Department of Chemistry

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