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Christopher Beck (Committee Member), Paul Lockhart (Committee Chair), Roy Vice (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


This thesis examines the excoriating pamphlet literature of both Dutch and English origin during the three Anglo-Dutch Wars of the seventeenth century. The Dutch Republic of this time was in the midst of its Golden Age, while England was on its ascent to eventual predominance in world affairs. By looking at concepts such as staartmannen [tail-men], Duivelskind [Devil's child], or "Hollandophobia," themes of mockery, religion, and xenophobia in popular printed works - including the engraved illustrations which accompanied the texts - are observed. Ultimately the thesis argues that the pamphlet literature bolstered the regional identity of Hollander in the Dutch Republic and helped reinforce an English identity that arose in opposition to its rival.

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Department of History

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