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Brent Foy (Advisor)

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Verification of the isodose distribution delivered to the planned tumor volume is required for quality assurance in the clinic. Verification in this context means ensuring that the actual dose delivered to a volume matches the dose that a computerized planning system intended that volume to receive. The computerized planning is performed by a Computerized Medical Systems (CMS) Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) plan. Two methods of measuring the delivered dose are film dosimetry and diode dosimetry. This project will compare the relative isodose distribution profiles of film dosimetry and MapCheck (Sun Nuclear Corporation, a diode-based dosimetry system) to the relative isodose distribution profile of the CMS IMRT plan. Two IMRT plans were used that were intended to deliver 7500centigray to the prostate. These plans were then performed while measuring the isodose distributions using the above two techniques. The two techniques were compared on the basis of time efficiency and accuracy.

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