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Scott Baird (Committee Member), Dan Krane (Committee Chair), Jeffery Peters (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Criminals have been documented to launder clothing in an attempt to hide evidence; however, there limited studies on this type of evidence manipulation. This study looked at: 1) the effects of eighteen laundry additives at diluted and undiluted strengths on human blood, 2) the effects of a delay between deposit and laundering, 3) the amount of recoverable DNA on laundered clothing with different deposited volumes of blood, and 4) the transfer of genetic material within a primary load and between primary/secondary and primary/tertiary loads. There was a reduction in volume of DNA for some laundry additives. Nevertheless, all genotyped samples were consistent with expected profiles. The results show that DNA can be transferred between a primary and a secondary load but not to a tertiary with the best locations for genetic transfer recovery being towels and socks. This study helps further the understanding and treatment of DNA on laundered clothing

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Department of Biological Sciences

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