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Nathan Bowling (Committee Chair), Gary Burns (Committee Member), Melissa Gruys (Committee Member), David LaHuis (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Most research has lumped counterproductive work behaviors into a single or a few categories. The present study, however, used dominance analysis to examine whether aggression, industriousness, dishonesty and self-control had differential predictive relationships with the Gruys and Sacket (2003) 11-Factor CWB model. I hypothesized that various CWBs would be differentially predicted by various personality traits, and that those predictive relationships would be moderated by self-control. The results indicated all CWBs are not created equal and should not be lumped into a single all-inclusive category. Counterproductive work behaviors are multidimensional, with unique predictors and covariates, and are best understood and predicted when split into categorical types. Self-Control and Aggression best predicted nine of 11 CWB categories. I also found limited support for the moderating effects of self-control.

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Department of Psychology

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