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William Feld (Committee Member), Eric Fossum (Advisor), Daniel Ketcha (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s with pendent aryl iodide group was successfully synthesized via Nucleophilic aromatic polycondensation of 1-(3,5-difluorophenyl sulfonyl)-4-iodobenzene using 4,4’-difluorodiphenylsulfone (DFDPS) and Bisphenol A in the ratio 25:75:100. Iodo monomer was prepared by reacting 3,5-difluorodiphenyl sulfone with N-iodo succinimide (NIS). Using GC/MS and NMR spectroscopy, the quantitative analysis was done to this monomer. Modification was done to iodo copolymer using sodium azide and copper sulfate as catalyst to form azide copolymer. Further modification of the azide copolymer to triazole copolymers via Click Chemistry using different alkynes such as 1-octyne, phenyl acetylene, propargyl alcohol and acetylenedicarboxylic acid. Polymers characterization was done using 1H, 13C NMR, IR spectroscopy and SEC. The highest molecular weight (Mw) was found to be 19,033 Da with a PDI 3.0 for iodo copolymer and the least was found to be 6,888 with a PDI 2.5 for acetylenedicarboxylic acid derivative copolymer. Thermal analysis of polymers was done using TGA and DSC. The Td5% values were ranging from 260º to 476º. The highest Tg was 191º for phenyl derivative copolymer and the least was 174º for alkyl derivative copolymer. TGA was not ran on azide copolymer as it may contain explosive copper azide traces. IR spectroscopy was used to confirm the structures of azide copolymer, propargyl alcohol derivative and acetylenedicarboxylic acid derivative copolymers.

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Department of Chemistry

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