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Henry Chen (Committee Member), Jiafeng Xie (Advisor), Yan Zhuang (Committee Member)

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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)


Cryptographic and coding theory algorithms use arithmetic operations over finite fields. Finite field multiplications over GF(2m) are critical components for these systems. Well known irreducible polynomials are all-one-polynomials (AOP), equally spaced polynomial (ESP), trinomial and pentanomial. Due to its simple structure, AOP based multiplica- tion is easy to implement and hence the AOP based multiplication of variable length can be used as a standard computation core. In this thesis, first of all, we employ low register complexity AOP based systolic multiplication core to propose multiplication over GF(2m) based on NIST recommended pentanomials. The proposed parallel and serial ar- chitectures use pre-computation (PC) modules to compute bits involve in multiplication and re-combination (RC) modules to combine computed bits from PC to form vectors which will reduce the multiplication complexity. The corresponding architecture based on the proposed algorithm is then synthesized by Xilinx ISE 14.1 on a Virtex 5 FPGA device and it is observed that the proposed structures has lower area-delay complexity than the best of existing designs. Second, we propose a novel obfuscation mechanism to equip multiplication over different irreducible polynomials and addition operations. Desired functionality of the proposed obfuscated structure is achieved through correct input sequence to controller (FSM). This is the first architecture proposed which can implement four types of polynomial multiplications and additions with obfuscated man- ner. The proposed architecture is synthesized and implemented in application specific integration circuits (ASIC) platform and have achieved excellent area-time performance.

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Department of Electrical Engineering

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