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Adam R. Bryant (Advisor), Michelle A. Cheatham (Committee Member), Mateen M. Rizki (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Interactive tutoring systems are software applications that help individuals to learn difficult concepts. They can allow students to interact with ideas from essential mathematics to more complicated subjects like software engineering. This thesis concentrates on one such interactive tutoring system (ITS) designed for teaching concepts related to operating system virtual memory. Operating system concepts can be troublesome to learn without having someone or something to explain them. Even when an instructor is able to provide detailed explanations, it is still exceptionally difficult for students without a computer science foundation to comprehend these concepts. Students require a sophisticated set of mental models to comprehend how various components of the operating system work together. In a lecture, students may find it hard to imagine the various operating system processes or how they work. A tutoring system that visually shows these concepts to students and lets them interact with models of the various components can make learning much easier. This thesis discusses such an ITS called Virtuo-ITS. The aim of this ITS is to aid individuals in learning virtual memory concepts like paging and virtual address to physical address translation. Virtuo-ITS visually explains concepts of virtual memory and provides tasks for learners to test their understanding of the concepts. An individual can interact with the system and control the virtual memory processes that are happening to develop a better mental model of each of the concepts. This fulfills the principle point of an ITS, which is to teach difficult concepts simply.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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