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Nathan Bowling (Committee Member), Joseph Houpt (Committee Member), Dean Parmelee (Committee Member), Debra Steele-Johnson (Advisor)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


The current study examined the relationships between aspects of goal hierarchies (i.e., goal importance, goal progress, goal relatedness, goal number, goal achievement) and specifically their effects on the important outcomes of goal progress and burnout. Although goal pursuit is an important area of study in psychology, aspects of goal hierarchies are understudied, especially in relation to perceived progress and outcomes of wellbeing. The current research provided evidence that goal progress is negatively related to burnout, that the relatedness between goals of the same hierarchical level and across levels influences our perceptions of the importance of these goals, and that explicit and implicit goal hierarchies give overlapping but unique results and allow for the examination of different aspects of an individual's goal hierarchy. Further, the study suggests that goal progress might be a possible mechanism through which resilience influences burnout and subjective well-being.

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Department of Psychology

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