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Volker Bahn (Committee Member), Jeffrey Peters (Committee Member), Thomas Rooney (Advisor)

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Master of Science (MS)


Amphibian populations are declining globally at historically rapid rates, and while a multitude of factors have contributed to amphibian population declines, emerging infectious diseases, such as chytridiomycosis and ranavirus have been linked to a large proportion of the reported amphibian mass mortality events. Distribution and infection prevalence data for chytridiomycosis and ranavirus are lacking, and effective surveillance is crucial. This project aims to describe anuran richness, relative abundance, habitat occupancy, and community structure and to identify the chytridiomycosis and ranavirus infection prevalence rates of the anuran population at Dairymen's Inc. Wood frogs, spring peepers, boreal chorus frogs, northern leopard frogs, gray treefrogs, American toads, green frogs, mink frogs, and American bullfrogs were the nine anuran species that were recorded in Vilas County, Wisconsin. The infection prevalence rates of Bd and frog virus 3 were 11 ± 5.6 with 95% C.I. and 0%, respectively. This study is the first to report the presence of Bd-infected anurans in Vilas County, however further research is needed to provide reliable frog virus 3 infection rates in this county.

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Department of Biological Sciences

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