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Liam Anderson (Advisor), Carlos Costa (Committee Member), Vaughn Shannon (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


This research examines the relationship between the number of refugees hosted by states and the economic ability of host states by using UNHCR’s refugee data and World Bank’s GNI per capita data. To identify the relationship between these two variables, this study uses two sets of panel data covering 145-178 countries, around 43-55 years and 3000-5000 observations. For the two sets of panel data, four models are produced to test the null and alternative hypotheses. In all four cases, results show that there is a statistically significant negative correlation between the number of refugees hosted by states and GNI per capita of host states. Thus, this study concludes that across time, when GNI per capita or economic ability increases most countries tend to receive a fewer number of refugees regardless of their economic statuses, such as high-income, upper middle income, lower middle income, and low-income.

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Department of Political Science

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