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Jacqueline Bergdahl, Ph.D. (Committee Chair); Karen Lahm, Ph.D. (Committee Member); Seth Gordon, Ph.D. (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


Veterans are a unique population and share a common experience: reintegration. The reintegration period can be a challenging experience, and affects things such as mental health and overall adjustment to civilian life. In order to examine reintegration more closely, interviews conducted by the Wright State’s Veterans Voices Project were used to complete this study. A checklist was used and consisted of nine themes identified in the relative literature related to reintegration: intimate relationships, familial relationships, children, education, employment, physical health, mental health, coping, and identity. Of the nine categories, employment was discussed most often (59.5%). Mental health was only discussed in 19% of the interviews, but very vivid details were shared in the interviews. The results support the idea that veteran reintegration can be difficult for some veterans and their families, and is a matter that needs support from multiple sectors. Communities should be made aware of the struggles that veterans may face in order to provide the appropriate resources and opportunities for veterans to make a successful transition.

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Applied Behavioral Science

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