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Glenn Graham (Committee Member), Scott Graham (Other), Lawrence Mrozek (Committee Member), Joanne Risacher (Committee Member), Charles Ryan (Committee Chair), Joseph F., Jr. Thomas (Other)

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Master of Arts (MA)


First-year experience initiatives have been underway in a variety of forms. Today, first-year seminar classes are popular transitional aids for new college students throughout the country. First-year seminars typically have common learning goals for new students. Academic achievement, social success, and personal growth and development were the learning goals assessed during this study. The purpose and scope of this study was to analyze first-year students and their perceptions regarding the effectiveness of UVC 101 classes on academic achievement, social success, and personal growth and development based on their self-reported high school grade point averages. Students at a large four-year public university were invited to complete an evaluation form of their UVC 101 class and self-report their high school G.P.A. on the form. Students generally agreed that UVC 101 classes were beneficial; however, there were no significant differences between students and their grade point averages and their perceptions of academic achievement, social success, and growth and development.

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Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

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