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Laura M. Luehrmann, Ph.D. (Committee Chair); December Green, Ph.D. (Committee Member); Carlos Eduardo Costa, Ph.D. (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


This study qualitatively examines the impact of three socio-economic inequalities on state terrorism: (1) income inequality; (2) unequal collective labor rights; and (3) land inequality. It proposes a theory of class structure and state terrorism based on the Marxist theory of exploitation and domination and uses Marxist class analysis in the comparison of two case studies, Brazil (1985-1990) and the Philippines (1986-1992), to determine which of the three socio-economic inequalities is most likely to lead to class struggle that will prompt the state to respond with terrorism. Findings from this study indicate that issues concerning land inequality may be a main driver of state terrorism in these two cases.

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Department of Political Science

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