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Chigon Kim, Ph.D. (Advisor); Jacqueline A. Bergdahl, Ph.D. (Committee Member); Barbara E. Hopkins, Ph.D. (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


I measure the stickiness of social mobility in terms of meritocratic assumptions through the first-known Meritocracy-Based Stickiness Measure of Mobility (MBSMoM) using mobility transition matrices and assumptions based on Full Meritocracy (FM) and Lack of Meritocracy (LM). I develop the Simple Stickiness Measure of Mobility (SSMoM) and the Weighted Stickiness Measure of Mobility (WSMoM). In addition, I create the MBSMoM which is calculated from mobility transition matrices of intragenerational, intergenerational, and multigenerational correlations using various measures of status including education, occupation, class, consumption, income, and wealth. Utilizing mobility transition matrices employed by plethora of studies, MBSMoMs are calculated as a percentage between SSMoMs or WSMoMs under assumptions of FM and LM. The MBSMoM is a standalone measure and is interpreted as the percentage between outcomes under FM and LM assumptions. I calculate MBSMoM values for 92 mobility matrices from 22 previous studies of mobility and report individual and group results.

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Applied Behavioral Science

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