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Yong Pei, Ph.D. (Committee Chair); Thomas Wischgoll, Ph.D. (Committee Member); Shelley Jagow, Ph.D. (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


People in today's world seek things that are simple to use. Learning is one of the most crucial aspects of the ongoing digital transformation. Everything is now accessible with a single click on mobile devices, making access to instructional materials faster, easier, and more comfortable. It takes time and effort to build abilities and become an expert in the fields of learning, training, and teaching; and music learning demands a great deal of both practice and mentoring. Initially, music teachers and band directors must maintain a steady attention and devote a significant amount of time to manually teaching materials. This has prompted the question of how to make accessing the expert's information easier and less time consuming. Dr. Shelley Jagow’ s book "Tuning for Wind Instruments: A Roadmap to Successful Intonation" has evolved into a series of iOS/Android Apps "Fingering and Tuning Charts" to make the learning process easy and convenient. The purpose of this thesis project is to integrate and test various new user interface components into iOS Apps for a better user experience by adapting textbook content to various mobile devices for a more interactive, colorful, and detailed representation of how to play the note correctly. Swift 5.0 was utilized to construct these additional additions, which were finalized in XCode. The code for all iOS apps has been upgraded from Swift 4.0 to Swift 5.0, allowing for future enhancements and upgrades. If someone wants to refer to the code in the future, extra effort has been made to make it easy to grasp. TestFlight, an iOS App testing tool built and administered through Apple App Store Connect, was used to deploy the improved version for testing and feedback collection. The App Store has since been updated with the finalized version of the app, which is now available for download and use.

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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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