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Assaf Harel, Ph.D. (Advisor); Joori Suh, Ph.D. (Committee Member); Ion Juvina, Ph.D. (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


This research examines the effects of fractal dimensionality on ratings of beauty, relaxation, and interest, when these patterns are incorporated in a built space. Previous findings suggest that fractal patterns can be used to mimic the beneficial psychological and physiological effects that arise from viewing nature. This research focuses on studying the impact of fractal patterns when presented within urban environments. The findings here are primarily consistent with previous research. Medium D patterns are preferred over the other pattern complexities. Low D patterns are consistently rated as more relaxing. High D patterns are rated as being more interesting over low D patterns, but the difference between high D and medium D might be smaller than previously thought. These collective findings support the further investigation of the implementation of fractal patterns to promote a form of mental enrichment for inhabitants and a reduction of the stress in an urban environment.

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Department of Psychology

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