Military Faculty Experience within a Faculty Learning Community and its Interest in Learning Technology Integration

Jonathan David Zemmer, Wright State University


This study explored the experiences and perceptions of faculty members at an institution of military education participating in a Faculty Learning Community (FLC) focused on educational technology utilization during the 2022-2023 academic year. As the Department of Defense (DoD) emphasizes the importance of technology capabilities and workforce development, understanding faculty experiences in these settings becomes crucial for effective technology integration in teaching and learning. Utilizing a participatory action research (PAR) design, the study collected data through faculty artifacts, researcher reflexive journals, semi-structured interviews, bi-monthly meeting minutes, videos, and presentation materials. The research questions focused on the change of participants' understanding of how technology supports teaching practices, and their experiences in an educational technology learning community. Findings from this study provide insights aimed at facilitating effective practices for faculty development and contribute to the ongoing conversation about technology integration in military education settings.