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Chien-in Henry Chen (Advisor)

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSEgr)


General purpose receivers of today are designed with a broad bandwidth so that the receiver can accept a wide range of signal frequencies. These receivers usually accept one signal along with any interference that is included. To increase the signal detection capabilities of the wideband receiver, a design for a receiver that can detect two signals is needed. One of the requirements for this receiver is that the second weak signal needs to be processed in a timely manner so that the receiver can recognize it. To remedy the problem, a module was developed using wavelet-based techniques to remove spurs from the incoming signals to allow easier detection. The main basis for this concentration on wavelets comes from the way wavelets break down signals into portions (called resolutions) that allow easier determination of detail importance. Utilizing the multi-resolution attributes of the discrete wavelet transform, a way to remove signal spurs is made possible. When removing the signal noise from the signal, the two signal dynamic range of the system is increased, as this module is applied to multiple receiver systems for comparison of performance. Implementation of this system was originally done in C as well as MATLAB, but later is being implemented in VHDL with simulations done for verification of functionality.

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Department of Electrical Engineering

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