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Daniel Bombick (Committee Member), Vladimir Katovic (Advisor), Suzanne Lunsford (Committee Member), Joseph F. Thomas Jr. (Other), Kenneth Turnbull (Other)

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Master of Science (MS)


A novel ionic liquid, 1,1-butyl-methyl-pyrollidinium bis-pentafluoroehthanesulfonylamide (BMPyrrBeti) was synthesized and characterized. Its physical and electrochemical properties compared to a similar ionic liquid containing the imidazolium cation, 1-methyl-3-butyl-imidizolium bis-pentafluoroehthanesulfonylamide (BMImBeti). The two ionic liquids contain the same anion, bis((pentafluoroethane)sulfonyl)imide (Beti), and the same two alkly group substituents (a methyl and a butyl group). The two ionic liquids differ only by the cation component, and the connectivity of the two substituents (1,1 for the former, and 1,3 for the latter).

The following physical properties of BMPyrrBeti were measured and compared to the same properties of BMImBeti: conductivity, viscosity, absorption and desorption of water, and thermal properties (TGA and DSC). The electrochemical properties of BMPyrrBeti were also measured.

It was found that BMPyBeti was less conductive than BMImBeti, however this was mostly at higher temperatures. Viscosity measurements revealed that BMPyrrBeti was more viscous as BMImBeti, which often correlates inversely with conductivity, as in this case. Thermal decomposition by TGA occurred at an average temperature of 432 °C verses 410 °C for BMImBeti, or 105% percent higher. The freezing point of BMImBeti could not be determined by DSC. The freezing point of BMPyBeti was -38 °C. The electrochemical window of the new ionic liquid BMPyBeti was very wide, reaching a maximum of 6.5V. This was 144% percent wider than BMImBeti (4.5V). The diffusion coefficient of BMPyrrBeti was determined to at 25.4 °C and 50 °C from cyclic voltammetry of Ferrocene in NBu4PF6.

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Department of Chemistry

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