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Gary Burns (Committee Member), Corey Miller (Committee Chair), Debra Steele-Johnson (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


The fakability of three measures of conscientiousness was examined: the International personality Item Pool (IPIP), the Conditional Reasoning Test, and Implicit Association Tests (IAT). Data from a student sample (N = 442) found the Conditional Reasoning and IATs were the least susceptible to faking, but they did not have a meaningful relationship with the IPIP. The Conditional Reasoning Test was the best non-cognitive predictor of College GPA (r = .23, p < .01), perhaps due to the fact it may tap cognitive ability as evidenced by its significant correlation with the ACT (r = .41, p < .01). The explicit (self- report) and implicit (IAT) measures of conscientiousness had a low positive correlation with one another. Some researchers may use this finding as evidence that they are measuring different aspects of the construct.

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Department of Psychology

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