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David Dominic (Committee Member), Ernest Hauser (Committee Member), Doyle Watts (Committee Chair)

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Master of Science (MS)


The characteristics of a sandstone reservoir of Silurian age (the "Clinton interval") were analyzed using 382 geophysical well logs from the Dominion Gas storage field located in Stark and Summit Counties, Ohio. These sandstones have long been identified by the informal drillers' terms, White, Red, and Stray Clinton. Gamma ray logs were used to analyze the distribution of net stand thickness and its relation to initial production through the construction of isopach and net sand isolith maps. I constructed eight cross sections to identify and correlate the tops of three prominent sandstones and two marine flooding surfaces to evaluate reservoir compartmentalization and stratigraphic controls on production. The data indicate that areas with higher production are not entirely controlled by lithology. The seismic signature of the Clinton interval is controlled by thin bed tuning associated with side lobe interference. Multiple seismic signatures are created by differences in velocity and lithologic thickness.

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Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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