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Jason Deibel (Committee Member), Gary Farlow (Committee Member), Brent Foy (Committee Chair)

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Master of Science (MS)


In High Dose Rate brachytherapy, a catheter is placed inside the body and a radioactive source is allowed to dwell at specific positions to treat a tumor. In normal usage, anatomical images acquired before the treatment are used to plan dwell positions, and then the plan is executed without further verifying source locations during treatment. However, slight errors in catheter positioning and shifts in internal anatomy cause variations in source position. In this study, a general method for determining dwell positions during treatment is evaluated. For this method, the treatment source exposes the tumor to radiation and creates an image on a film after the radiation passes through a constructed phantom. 3D line reconstruction is then used to back-extrapolate to the source location. Experiments are performed for several types of catheter movement. Two methods of identifying image locations and two mathematical methods for back-extrapolation are evaluated.

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Department of Physics

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