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Thomas Hartrum (Advisor), Yong Pei (Committee Member), Mateen Rizki (Advisor)

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Master of Science (MS)


AFIT Wide Spectrum Object Modeling Environment (AWSOME) is built on an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) which is the meta-model of AWSOME. Transformations happen internally in AWSOME to transform anything in abstract to concrete. Earlier efforts in AWSOME were focused on developing tools to work on the AST. The goal of this thesis is to make AWSOME interoperable with other available tools. To achieve this goal, the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) concept is used. MDA is a framework aimed at portability, interoperability and reusability among different tools. Among many tools that use MDA context, EclipseUML 2008 and Dresden OCL Toolkit were considered to make interoperable with AWSOME.

This thesis focuses on making a model generated by AWSOME to be loaded in to EclipseUML 2008 and a model generated by EclipseUML 2008 to be parsed in to AWSOME. Also the Object Constraints Language (OCL) file generated by AWSOME should be able to be loaded in Dresden OCL Toolkit. The model to model mapping between these tools and the level of interoperability achieved between these tools is discussed in detail. Understanding the different functionalities of these tools and deciding the level of interoperability between the tools played a vital role in the design decisions made. All together three translation or transformation tools were developed to interface EclipseUML 2008 and Dresden OCL Toolkit with AWSOME.

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Department of Computer Science

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