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Jack L. Dustin (Committee Member), Jerri Killian (Committee Member), Myron A. Levine (Committee Chair)

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Master of Public Administration (MPA)


Using a comparative framework and based on interviews with the primary actors involved in the debate for and against humane farm animal standards in Ohio, this thesis examines the roles of special and public interest groups, bureaucrats, technocrats, and the public in the rulemaking process of the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. This study finds that the creation of the board as a policy solution was likely impossible without the efforts of a policy entrepreneur and a "fixer;" that the board's relevance relies on a problem-setting approach to developing standards that includes a multitude of interests; and that continued public interest group pressure prevents the board from being captured by special interests. The author concludes that Ohio's approach, slightly modified, can be used as a model for other states and that a collaborative process, accountable to the public, can result in strong public policy recommendations even when interests seem divergent.

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Department of Urban Affairs & Geography

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