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Corey E. Miller (Committee Member), Valerie L. Shalin (Committee Member), Debra Steele-Johnson (Committee Chair)

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Master of Science (MS)


I investigated relationships between organizational variables and leadership, as measured by inclusive language use. Specifically, I examined whether organization size and profitability relate to the organization leader's use of language. I expected language use to be more inclusive in smaller and more profitable organizations, relative to larger and less profitable organizations. In this study, I used a regression approach to test my hypotheses. Results indicated that organization size was positively related to passive voice indicators, in support of Hypothesis 1. However, profitability was negatively related to inclusive pronouns and positively related to passive voice indicators, both of which were opposite the direction predicted in Hypothesis 2. Results from exploratory analyses provided further insight into the relationship between language use and organizational variables. My study contributes to the body of research on leadership and language use and has potential applications for company business models and leadership styles and language styles for managers.

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Department of Psychology

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