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Gary Farlow (Committee Member), Brent Foy (Committee Chair), Douglas Pekie (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


In Computed Tomography (CT) reconstruction, several methods for determining the intensity of individual pixels from the back-projection of the scanned profiles exist. The standard reconstruction method uses linear interpolation between ray values to determine pixel intensity. This study quantifies the effects of varying circle diameter on the accuracy of an alternative method where the pixel is approximated as a circle and the area contributions calculated.

A library of 104 scans in 3 image families was created by a synthetic CT scanner and reconstructed with circle radii from 0.1 to 1.0 pixel in 0.1 pixel steps. Images were compared against a baseline and accuracy measured. Image quality was poor and measures erratic for radii smaller than 0.5 pixels where it stabilized. The overall optimum of the radius was determined to be 0.5 pixels for all images. The reconstructed image quality was not a significant improvement over the standard linear interpolation method.

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Department of Physics

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