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Scott Baird (Committee Member), Paula Bubulya (Advisor), Mill Miller (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Cellular differentiation is a process regulated by environmental, intracellular and intercellular factors. Myogenesis is a differentiation program in mammalian myotome cells in which Pax3 activates myogenic transcription factors to convert myotome cells to committed myoblasts. Myoblasts differentiate to become fully differentiated, multi-nucleated myotubes (Tajbakhsh et al., 1997). C2C12 cells are a model system for myogenesis. We noted that Bcl2-associated transcription factor (Btf) is upregulated during myogenesis. We observed that C2C12 nuclei reorganize during myogenesis. We observed that myoblast nuclei have approximately 5-10 small nucleoli, while nuclei in myotubes have fewer and larger nucleoli. Nucleolar reorganization occurs independently of multinucleation. Also, the reorganization is not a result of serum withdrawal, as other cell lines fail to show reorganization when grown in low serum conditions. Immunofluorescent data indicates nuclear speckles reorganize during myogenesis. Our results indicate that a large-scale reorganization of nucleoli and nuclear speckles occurs during myogenesis.

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Department of Biological Sciences

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