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Jerry Clark (Committee Member), Jason Deibel (Committee Member), Gregory Kozlowski (Advisor)

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Master of Science (MS)


In this thesis, single and multi-layered graphene films were epitaxially grown on either Si-face or C-face of SiC single crystal substrates. The film growth conditions, such as decomposition temperatures and pressures, and their surface morphologies were optimized. These films were then characterized by using surface analysis tools including SEM, TEM, AFM evanescent wave microscopy and electron educed spectroscopy. In addition to studying graphene decomposed from SiC crystals, carbon nanotube material was fabricated using a floating catalyst technique. These carbon nanotube material was then studied for potential cathode applications in this thesis. Field emission properties of these cathodes was measured and compared between carbon nanotubes grown by the floating catalyst technique and carbon nanotube material fabricated from a super acid solution spinning process. The result found that carbon nanotube material produced from the floating catalyst method supported the highest emission currents. As a result of this research, carbon nanotube field emitters fabricated from this method are now being studied in a wide range of vacuum electronic applications.

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Department of Physics

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