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Nathan Bowling (Committee Chair), Gary Burns (Committee Member), Melissa Gruys (Committee Member), David Lahuis (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Previous studies on frame-of-reference effects have focused on domain-specific personality measures as predictors of performance in North America. The current study expands on this research by comparing work-specific and general personality as predictors of CWBs and OCBs in an East Asian culture (i.e., China). Consistent with the literature on frame-of-reference effects in personality assessment, I found that three Big Five personality dimensions, including agreeableness, conscientiousness, and emotional stability, were significantly related with OCBs and CWBs. Also, use of a frame of reference that is conceptually relevant to the criterion led to increased validity as a result of the decrement in between-subject variability and within-subject inconsistency. Finally, results indicated that work-specific personality mediated the relationships between general personality and extra-role behaviors and that work-specific personality yielded significant incremental relationships with extra-role behaviors even after general personality is controlled.

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Department of Psychology

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