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Jerry Clark (Committee Member), Gary Farlow (Advisor), Gregory Kozlowski (Committee Member), Ivan Medvedev (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Zinc Oxide has been utilized for centuries in a wide range of applications including medical, food, and materials. It is now that ZnO draws much attention to its potential as a high frequency semiconductor and UV laser. As a result, there has been much investigation into the properties of ZnO and many papers have been published in the area. Despite this fact, there is still much that is unknown about its electronic defect structure. This research investigates the broad region of the Zinc Oxide luminescence spectrum known as the green band, which lies roughly between 480 - 580 nm or 2.1 - 2.6 eV, about which there is much debate as to its origin. Electron irradiation at 0.55 and 1.0 MeV is employed to excite the ionization characteristics of ZnO and to create native defects which may be luminescent centers or complexes of luminescent centers. A luminescent band centered at 3.0 eV was observed to grow with increasing irradiation in samples formed by pulsed laser deposition and no green band radiation was observed. No obvious alteration to the green band luminescence from hydrothermally grown bulk samples was observed. The techniques and results of this novel effort will be discussed.

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Department of Physics

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