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Balakrishna Cherukuri (Committee Member), Sharmila Mukhopadhyay (Committee Member), Raghavan Srinivasan (Advisor), Raghavan Srinivasan (Committee Member)

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Master of Science in Engineering (MSEgr)


Ti-6Al-4V has attractive properties such as high strength to weight ratio, good fatigue properties and excellent corrosion resistance and these properties have made this alloy an important material for the aerospace industry. In this thesis, the deformation behavior of Ti-6Al-4V with several processing histories, was studied by conducting isothermal constant strain rate compression tests over a temperature range of 829°C to 996°C (1525°F to 1825°F) and at strain rates of 10-2 s-1, 10-1 s-1 and 100 s-1. True stress versus true strain flow curves showed a peak stress followed by flow softening. The data was analyzed to obtain constitutive equations to describe the variation of flow stress as a function of strain, strain rate and temperature. The strain rate sensitivity values were found to increase as the temperature was increased, and the activation energy for deformation was found to be comparable to values reported in literature. Finite element simulations were carried out using the temperature corrected flow curves as input. The simulated and experimental results were found to be comparable to each other.

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Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

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