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Jason Deibel (Advisor), Gregory Kozlowski (Committee Member), Douglas Petkie (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


An optical material parameter predictive model that accounts for sample to air interfaces was developed. The model predicts how a terahertz time-domain spectroscopy time domain pulse will be affected as it passes through a given thickness of a material. The model assumes a homogenous, linear, isotropic dielectric or semiconductor. The inputs to the model are the real and imaginary refractive indices across the desired frequency band. Different dielectric material's optical parameters were taken from the literature and the predicted time domain pulses were shown. It was also shown that the refractive index and absorption coefficient for samples that were optically thick and low-loss could be determined from measurements analytically. It was also shown that for non-dispersive media with a flat absorption coefficient, the predictive model could be used to determine an average value for both the index of refraction and the absorption coefficient across the frequency band, (0.1-4 terahertz).

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Department of Physics

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