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David Ladle (Advisor), Robert Putanam (Committee Member), Mark Rich (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


We are interested in understanding the development of reciprocal inhibition, an important sensory-motor circuit that prevents co-contraction of antagonist muscles during locomotion. This effect is mediated by a subset of glycinergic neurons termed Ia inhibitory interneurons (IaINs). Transgenic mouse models are useful in helping to identify subsets of neurons in developing animals. In this thesis we first wanted to test the BAC-GlyT2-eGFP mice model by measuring GFP expression overlap in neurons with glycine in late-stage embryos (E17.5) and early postnatal animals (P0/P1). Our results suggest more than 98% of glycinergic neurons at these stages also express GFP in GlyT2-EGFP transgenic animals. Secondly, we quantitatively measured the number of IaINs at P0 and P1 using a combination of GFP expression in this transgenic model together with other immunohistochemical markers of IaINs. We found that IaINs account for 17% of glycinergic neurons found in lamina VII at this stage.

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Department of Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Physiology

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