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Scott Fraser (Committee Member), Leon Vandecreek (Committee Chair), Heather Wilder (Committee Member)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Divorce rates in America have soared with many divorces in the United States caused by infidelity; it is the number one reason cited for divorce. Due to the severe consequences of infidelity, researchers have attempted to determine its causes. For example, researchers from evolutionary theory, socialization theory, attachment theory, and investment theory have attempted to explain infidelity from a theoretical perspective. Conversely, based on a literature review Blow and Hartnett (2005) provided numerous categorical findings for infidelity including attachment and infidelity, attitudes towards infidelity, types of infidelity, and numerous demographic variables related to infidelity. Given the vast amount of research on infidelity, the current study sought to create an instrument that could assess individual's risk of infidelity. The current research followed three steps wherein the questionnaire was developed, critiqued, and finally administered and tested by couple's therapists. The item development phase was based on the literature. The critique phase was completed by participants, including mental health practitioners and individuals who identified as having multiple diversity variables (e.g., age, gender, religion) that were also in a heterosexual relationship. These participants critiqued the items for clarity of wording and potential discriminatory impact. Finally, the administration phase of the questionnaire was completed by mental health practitioners that were able to give the questionnaire to individuals seeking couples therapy or individual therapy with an emphasis on relationship issues. The feedback indicated the questionnaire was helpful and easy to administer.

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