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Jeffrey Allen (Committee Member), Daniela Burnworth (Committee Member), Robert Rando (Committee Chair)

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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Mental health problems among the college population continue to increase in terms of frequency and severity. At the same time, the number of high school graduates who enroll in institutes of higher learning is also increasing making the college years an ideal opportunity to address existing and emerging mental and psychological challenges. Traditional counseling center services--while shown to be effective--are not appropriate for all students and are too resource intensive to meet the full need of the college population. Creative strategies are necessary to address the growing need for mental health services among college and university students that are resource efficient, can reach a broader range of students by overcoming barriers to treatment, can effectively address current mental health concerns, and that effectively prepare students for the mental and emotional challenges they will face in today's world. Available research supports the application of several psychoeducational approaches to the treatment of common mental health concerns as well as in the development of resiliency for the protection against future challenges. This project provides a potential solution to the growing need for mental health services by combining proven psychoeducational approaches into a semester class under the umbrella of effective stress management. This class integrates physiological and psychological understandings of stress and stress management with evidence-based skills including relaxation techniques, problem-solving, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, and assertiveness shown to be effective not only in the treatment of stress but also in the treatment of common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Further, this course encompasses a set of skills consistent with the positive psychology literature on the development of resilience. An instructors guide, course slides, course syllabus, and recommendations for readings, homework, and practices are provided and organized into separate modules to facilitate adaptation to various formats.

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