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William Feld (Advisor), Eric Fossum (Committee Member), David Grossie (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


A nucleophilic substitution reaction of N-methylpiperidine with bromopropane, bromobutane, bromopentane, bromohexane and bromoheptane was carried out in a Q-Tube with excess alkyl halide and yielded N-methyl-N-propylpiperidinium bromide, N-methyl-N-butylpiperidinium bromide, N-methyl-N-pentylpiperidinium bromide, N-methyl-N-hexylpiperidinium bromide and N-methyl-N-heptylpiperidinium bromide in yields from 85 to 92 %. The salts, which were solids at room temperature, were soluble in dichloromethane and were characterized by 1H and 13C NMR, elemental analysis and DSC. Two of the piperidinium bromides, N-methyl-N-propylpiperidinium bromide, N-methyl-N-butylpiperidinium bromide were used in an anion exchange reaction with dilithium phthlocyanine to yield N-methyl-N-propylpiperidinium lithium phthalocyanine and N-methyl-N-butylpiperidinium lithium phthalocyanine, respectively in 78 to 85% yield. The exchange products were soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide and were characterized by 1H NMR, elemental analysis and TGA/DSC.

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Department of Chemistry

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