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Dan Abrahamowicz (Committee Member), Roxanne Duvivier (Committee Co-chair), Suzanne Franco (Committee Co-chair), Doris Johnson (Committee Member), Yoko Miura (Committee Member)

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Master of Arts (MA)


The intent of this study was to examine the relationship between funding diversity initiatives in higher education and targeted minority students' academic success. The study explored the relationship between the funding of two culture centers at an IHE in the Midwest and the graduation rates of the targeted minority student populations. Analysis of the data did not determine a significant relationship between the two variables. One culture center funding had a strong but not significant relationship with targeted student graduation rates and that relationship may become significant with additional longitudinal data. In addition analysis determined significant differences between the funding of the two centers and significant differences among the graduation rates of the targeted minority populations at the IHE. As more states align larger portions of IHE funding to performance, IHEs will benefit by understanding what and how diversity initiatives contribute to student success. By evaluating diversity initiatives as this study did, IHEs will be able to identify effective initiatives that can be expanded and further contribute to providing all students the opportunity to succeed.

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Department of Leadership Studies in Education and Organizations

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