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Dragana Claflin (Committee Member), Michael Hennessy (Advisor), John Pearson (Committee Member), Patricia Schiml-webb (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


This study compared the effects of centrally and peripherally administered oxytocin (OT) on HPA axis activity and the presence of both stress-induced active and passive behaviors in female guinea pig pups (Cavia porcellus) after 180-min of isolation . In Experiment 1, one dose of oxytocin (10μg/.2ml) was injected subcutaneously into the periphery. Plasma cortisol levels were reduced after 180-min of isolation and two passive behaviors, eye-closure and crouch, were reduced as well with the administration of oxytocin. In Experiment 2, two different doses (10μg/.2ml and 20μg/.2ml) were injected into the periphery with no significant results. In Experiment 3 one dose of oxytocin (1μg/5μl) was infused centrally. Plasma cortisol levels were marginally reduced after 30-min of isolation. Both the active and passive behaviors were unchanged.

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Department of Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Physiology

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