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Nathan Bowling (Advisor), Corey Miller (Committee Member), Martyn Whittingham (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


The current study is a construct validation of the Neutral Objects Satisfaction Questionnaire (NOSQ). The study includes tests of convergent and discriminant validity. Specifically, the NOSQ had more empirical overlap with affective-oriented dispositions (i.e., positive affectivity, negative affectivity, neuroticism, extraversion, trait anxiety, trait anger, trait depression, and cheerfulness) than with cognitive-oriented dispositions (i.e., need for cognition, general self-efficacy, and locus of control). In addition, the NOSQ had greater empirical overlap with the aforementioned affective-oriented dispositions than with a measure of temporal affect (i.e., mood). Correlations between the NOSQ and both job satisfaction and job cognitions were also compared, but no significant difference in correlation strength was found. Limitations, suggestions for future research, and the utility of the NOSQ in dispositional and job attitude research are discussed.

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Department of Psychology

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