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Daniel Bombick (Committee Member), Vladimir Katovic (Advisor), Suzanne Lunsford (Committee Member)

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Master of Science (MS)


Electrochemical properties of EtOH in EMImBF4 ionic liquid were investigated and compared to the electrochemical properties of EtOH in 0.1M HClO4/H2O. As was shown earlier, oxidation of EtOH in HClO4/H2O involves formation of PtO on the electrode surface, which makes the electrode poisoned. We have found that the best procedure for removal of PtO from the Pt electrode is heating the electrode in concentrated H2SO4. Cyclic voltammograms obtained after cleaning several Pt electrodes conforms that this treatment gives clean Pt electrodes without any PtO. Electrochemical oxidation of EtOH in EMImBF4 ionic liquid show that is poisoning of Pt electrode by formation of PtO occurs even at high EtOH concentration (1mA). A commercial phosphoric acid fuel cell (PACF) with EMImBF4 electrolyte instead of H3PO4 concentrate was used. A polarization curve at 30 °C gives the open cell voltage of 0.25 V. For comparison the source cell with EMImBF4 and H2 fuel generates an open cell voltage of 0.70 V at 30 °C.

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Department of Chemistry

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