The Wright State University Honors Program was created in 1972 to meet the needs of the University's brightest, most ambitious students. It is open to students of all majors and provides a varied curriculum consisting of honors sections of Wright State Core courses, service-learning courses, interdisciplinary core courses in the humanities and social sciences, and broadly interdisciplinary upper-level topical seminars.


Submissions from 2021


Music Therapy for Pain Management in Children, Rebecca C. Pinchot

An evidence-based practice literature search was done to determine if music therapy during painful procedures could decrease distress in children. Literature was obtained from two electronic databases. Twenty-five articles were initially found through the search engines. Five of these articles were further evaluated based upon relevance to the research question. The studies were evaluated through consistent methods including setting, sample, purpose, design, findings, and limitations. Each study strength on the evidence hierarchy was identified. Four studies had moderately strong evidence while one study had moderately weak evidence. Each had significance for the use of music as a pain management technique, but three of the studies had no statistical significance. A significant reduction was found in preoperative anxiety before various procedures, such as ophthalmology, dentistry, surgery, urology, etc. Overall, data supports the use of music during painful procedures in children as an additive method to other pain managements.

Submissions from 2020


Relief of Procedural Pain in Infants and Neonates, Allye Camden

Procedural pain occurs in the hospital setting due to a variety of procedures and treatments conducted throughout a patient’s stay. Pain is often assessed in infants and neonates but is not always treated consistently due to the multiple number of pain relief methods. The objective of this literature review is to identify the most effective interventions to relieve procedural pain in infants and neonates. Forty articles were analyzed and synthesized to determine the best pain relief methods to use when providing nursing care to infants and neonates. Based on the results of the literature review, nutritive sucking, positioning techniques, and combined interventions are recommended as first-line pain relief methods for infants and neonates. However, further research is needed to compare the effectiveness of these different methods.

Submissions from 2018


A General Guidelines on Practical Teaching with the Concentration in Instrumental Pedagogy, Emily Ka-Lei Au

Over the decades, music training becomes more popular, and more and more senior students are intended to enter the entertainment industry. Instrumental performance degree becomes more competitive compare to the past fifteen to twenty years, and because of this high level of competitiveness, the quality of it increase, more outstanding young artists are trained. The early training lay the foundation of one’s ability and future. This research paper explores the potential challenges and issues regarding to instrumental teaching, and generate the ideas to music teacher on their awareness on these issues.


Recruiting and Retaining Generations X and Y in Organizations, Celina Calloway

The workforce today is made up of diverse generations, and currently the professional workforce is made up of the three main generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y. The Baby Boomers generations makes up 29% (44.6 million) of today’s labor force, next to generation X representing about 34% (52.7 million), and generation Y being hand in hand with generation X but just passing them the amount of people at 34% (53.5 million) (Clark, 2017). Organizations will recruit applicants and hire future employee from these three generations. With each generation, in order to find the best candidates for open positions, organizations must find ways to attract each generation’s top talent. Further, it is not enough to hire them but organizations must focus on retaining them.

With many of the baby boomers nearing retirement, it will become essential for organizations to fill the vacant openings left behind (DeZube, 2018). Therefore, organizations will be relying on two generations, X and Y, to fill their vacancies. This already make the competition for talent even more fierce (Kleinman, 2018). Companies will currently have to focus their recruitment efforts on generation X and generation Y. However, to be able to recruit these generations effectively you need to understand these generations.

Therefore, the purpose of this paper is: 1) identify the values & beliefs of generation X and Y, 2) identify the work styles and job seeking behaviors of generation X and Y, and 3) offer suggestions in applying the recruitment techniques for generation X and generation Y.


Investigating Problems with Mathematical Proof Skills, Samantha Collier

This research paper is focused on identifying and exploring problems that high school students have with the mathematical proof process. The study described in this report was designed to answer the question, do students who tend to struggle with mathematical proofs also struggle with understanding what is known and unknown in a proof, making assumptions about figures, and understanding mathematical converses? To answer these questions, students at three Dayton area high schools completed tasks relating to proofs and converse statements as well as a questionnaire. Contrary to the initial hypothesis, students who were perceived to have greater proof abilities did not always excel with various aspects of proofs. Similarly, students who were perceived to have lesser proof abilities did not always struggle with aspects of proofs. It was found that students tend to struggle with two major aspects of proof: Making assumptions when part of an if-then statement is not satisfied, and understanding that a statement and its converse are not equivalent. In general, this study found that the topic of if-then statements, their converses, and the differences between the two needs more attention by students of all levels of ability.


In Situ Defect Detection Using Three Color Spectroscopy in Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing, Andrew Drieling

Additive Manufacturing (AM) provides a way to create parts that would be extremely difficult or impossible with conventional manufacturing processes. However, AM also introduces defects, which are detrimental to the mechanical performance. These defects are potentially unknown until post-processing inspection and testing, wasting time and resources on an unusable part or initiating unexpected failure. Historically, spectroscopy has successfully been used for in situ monitoring of laser welding, using changing parameters in the generated plume to predict defects. In situ monitoring using a visible spectrometer for fabrication of Alloy 718 on a test bed laser powder bed fusion system is performed. AM defects, such as keyhole porosity and unfused powder, are detected in the sensor output and a physics-based modeling approach is used to predict defect occurrence. Spectroscopy can provide near real-time monitoring, allowing defects to be predicted, and potentially corrected before the completion of the part, saving time and resources.


PharmaFlights: Fragment based drug discovery based on chalcones with a 3,4,5-trimethoxy substitution on ring B., Cody Fourman

The 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl motif is a common structural feature of a number of natural occurring antimitotic agents, especially those capable interacting with microtubules such as the cis-stilbene, combrestatin A-4. Chalcones possessing this pharmacophore have likewise been demonstrated to exhibit a diverse range of biological actions including anticancer, anti-invasive, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory activities. As part of an experiential learning experience in academic drug discovery termed WSU PharmaFlights, so-called flights of 6-10 molecules based on a particular biologically relevant structural pattern on the privileged chalcone scaffold are to be designed, synthesized, and spectroscopically characterized as a starting point for lead-development with potential biological collaborators. In this paradigm, students are assigned a specific pharmacophore group on either ring A or B of the chalcone nucleus, assess the scope of activities associated with that fragment and propose fragments on the alternate ring likely to produce enhanced or dual function activity against certain therapeutic or diagnostic targets. This specific project involves the rational design of a flight of chalcones displaying the 3,4,5-trimethoxyphenyl moiety on ring B, and a discussion of the potential applications of this lead discovery library.


Effect of Social Media on Marketing and Brand Image: Does it Matter?, Miranda Fryman

Social media officially emerged in 1997, with the first recognizable site called Six Degrees which allowed users to friend and message one another. Two years later, in 1999, blogs became popular, but no one could have predicted the extent to which social media would grow. In the early 2000’s, sites like Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn gained traction with the advancement of technology. At this point, around 100 million users had access to the internet (Hale, 2016) and that number was rapidly growing. With people’s ongoing urge to be constantly connected, social media continued to flourish, and sites like Twitter, Youtube, and more eventually joined the game as well. In 2018, it is estimated that there are approximately 2.62 billion social media users in the world across many different platforms (Statista, n.d.).


Developing a High-Dimensional Dataset of the Changes in Ion Channels Expression Level at the Cholinergic Boutons in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Joshua Harris

ALS, or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, is a neurodegenerative disease that causes motor neuron degeneration. Affecting nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, this disease eventually leads to respiratory muscle failure and death. Although ALS is fairly uncommon, our lack of information on how ALS develops drives the need for further study. In the Neuro Engineering, Rehabilitation, and Degeneration laboratory at Wright State University, immunohistochemical data has been collected on a mouse model (SOD1-G93A) throughout their lifespan to better examine the neurological effects of ALS. To better organize and interpret the data, a high-dimensional dataset was created in this project using Microsoft Access. This was performed by rearranging the current data in Excel and importing it into Access. In Access, forms with buttons were created to streamline the process of viewing or editing data. By creating this database, the NERD laboratory will be able to review data and investigate trends that weren’t immediately evident during data collection. Furthermore, this database will serve as a tool to both add current data and view its relation to past data. To test the accuracy and usability of the database, points of data were compared between current storage techniques and those stored and retrieved within the database. Using the database, available data on multiple proteins of interest were also compared to test its power as an investigative tool. Graphs testing the compared points of data show the same values between preliminary data and data taken from the database, verifying its reliability as an accurate and efficient storage platform. Graphs produced through its use also show its effectiveness and potential as a relational tool.


The Science behind how Character may hinder the Corruptive Effects of Power, Christine Heisey

This paper represents my Honors Project and will summarize my experience related to learning more about the scientific method through working on a research project under the faculty supervision of Dr. Rachel Sturm. In particular, this research project examines how power can corrupt those who possess it and offers an explanation of how leader character may decrease these corruptive effects. The sources of power, how power affects leaders, and how different members of an organization can participate in organizational corruption will be explained. Also, I will offer some research questions unpacking the relationship between leader character and power as well as analyze pilot study data to ensure the methodology moving forward to collect the actual data for this research project is appropriate. Hence, I will explore what I have learned from engaging in the first few elements of the scientific method.


Chlorination of 3-Arylsydnones with Iodine Monochloride, Ben Owens

An improved method for the chlorination at the 4-position of 3- arylsydnones 1 was developed, using iodine monochloride (ICl) dissolved in DCM. 1,3,4-Oxadiazol-2(3H)-ones 3 were then synthesized from the resultant 4-chloro-3-arylsydnones 2. The scope and limitations will be presented.


Evaluating the Evaluators, Jakob Puckett

Various news shows use different methods to report the same stories. In an attempt to understand this better, I watched and compared three news shows airing simultaneously on various networks, as well as viewing the front page of the New York Times, all from the same day – October 5, 2017. ABC World News Tonight, Fox News Special Report with Bret Baier, and PBS NewsHour were the shows under scrutiny, and while each show covered a large amount of the same material, they allotted varying amounts of time to certain subjects. Interestingly, while three of them largely focused on the same topics, they varied significantly from the front page that day of the New York Times. Ultimately, the Organizational model of newsmaking best explains the format and content of these television shows, and I conclude that, if a viewer could only watch one show, he would be most informed by watching PBS.


Entre Les Lignes, France 1914-1918: La poesie et la pensée de la Grande Guerre au front et à l'arrière, Jaclyn Schmitz

La Grande Guerre : une guerre de seulement quatre années de durée, mais qui était le résultat de tensions historiques et dont les sillages avaient amené à la deuxième guerre mondiale trois décennies plus tard. Pendant ces quatre années, plus d’un million trois cents de soldats français sont morts ou disparus et quatre millions blessés (Winter 1077). Comme on peut imaginer, cela eu de grands effets pour la France. Aujourd’hui on entend parler de cette « guerre pour mettre fin à toutes les guerres » souvent comme cause de la deuxième guerre mondiale. Les « poilus », « les tranchées », Verdun, et Joffre sont tous des mots et noms qu’on associe avec la première guerre mondiale comme des choses distantes, des faits qu’on doit apprendre dans les cours d’histoire. Cependant, pour ceux qui ont vécu pendant les années de 1914 à 1918, ce sont des mots liés au sacrifice, à l’honneur, à la Patrie, à l’horreur, à la mort et à la douleur. La variété des sentiments, de pensées et d’expériences qui sont provoqués par cette guerre a servi de muse artistique au peuple français.


WWE: Redefining Working-Class Womanhood through Commodified Feminism, Janice M. Sikon

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world (Bajaj & Banerjee, 2016). Their programs air in 20 languages in over 180 countries, and in the United States approximately 11 million people watch their programs each week (“FAQ,” n.d.). These programs include six hours of televised weekly events and 16 annual pay-per-view events (“WWE Reports,” 2017). In the first quarter of 2017 the company grossed $188.4 million (“WWE Reports,” 2017). They have close ties with the current presidential administration, as Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon was the CEO of the company from 1980 to 2009 (Reuters, 2009) and President Trump has made several appearances on WWE programming in the past (“Donald Trump,” n.d.).

As of 2013, 81% of WWE’s audience had an annual household income of less than $50,000 (Miller & Washington, 2014). It can therefore be argued that WWE has a large cultural influence, especially for poor and working-class people. Its consistent popularity with this demographic suggests the working class supports the company because WWE’s content aligns with working-class values and the product evolves with its audience. Since there has been strong academic interest in America’s working class since the 2016 election, especially the white working class (Bobo, 2017; Morgan & Lee, 2017; Clark, 2017; Walley, 2017; Lamont, Park, & Ayala-Hurtado, 2017), WWE and their product are relevant to contemporary socioeconomic research. My research addresses two central questions. How does WWE and influence working-class beliefs about gender and gender roles? And how do WWE’s products and business practices reflect the value society places on different ideas and identities?


Terminal Phenotypes Observed in Caenorhabditis Hybrids, Anthony Wade

When C. briggsae females are mated to C. nigoni males fertile F1 females are obtained. However, all of the F1 males arrest during embryogenesis. In the reciprocal cross of C. nigoni females mated to C. briggsae males, fertile F1 females and some sterile F1 male adult hybrids are obtained. The goal of this study was to determine the terminal phenotypes of the arrested embryos in these crosses. From these terminal phenotypes, tissue-specific defects in the development of hybrid embryos were inferred. Hybrid crosses were set and allowed to mated overnight. The following day gravid females were dissected to release hybrid embryos. These embryos were allowed to incubate overnight so that any viable nematodes would hatch. The arrested embryos were scored for terminal phenotypes by microscopic observation at a magnification of 1,000x. From C. briggsae mothers, 19 of 40 hybrid embryos failed to hatch. Of the 19 arrested embryos, 18 of these failed to gastrulate and 1 arrested at the comma stage. Failure to gastrulate is associated with defects in intestinal cell development while the arrested comma stage is associated with defects in actin cytoskeleton development. From C. nigoni mothers, 6 of 10 hybrid embryos failed to hatch. Of the 10 arrested embryos, 6 of these failed to gastrulate. This failure to gastrulate is once again associated with defects in intestinal cell development.


Mosquito Hunter: An Intern's Perspective in a Public Health Department Mosquito Surveillance Program, Marisa Walterbusch

As a Special Services Intern at Public Health - Dayton & Montgomery County (PHDMC), I gained first-hand experience as to the daily functioning of a Public Health Department and had the opportunity to work on a special project, the Mosquito Surveillance Program. PHDMC employs professionals in a variety of disciplines, all working towards the goal of protecting the health of the public. One way they accomplish this is through various inspections including restaurant, wellhead, and landfill. Another method to protect the public health is through the capture and testing of mosquitoes, with the goal of preventing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases like West Nile Virus, La Crosse Virus, and, more recently, Ziko. There were three types of traps used (Gravid, BG Sentinel, and Gravid Aedes) that were placed doily over a period of approximately four months, resulting in the testing (by the Ohio Department of Health ODH) of over 432, 120 mosquitoes for the 2017 season. Many factors play a role in this number including the effectiveness of a trap location, amount of precipitation, and temperature. When comparing available data from the 2016 season to the 2017 season, it was found that the 2017 season had increased average precipitation, higher numbers of mosquitoes tested, and higher incidences of mosquito-borne diseases.

Submissions from 2017


Service Animals in Elementary Classrooms: Examining Educator and Family Perspectives of a Working Service Animal in an Elementary Classroom, Jenna Falldorf

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in 1990 by President Bush. Although the ADA includes laws about public access rights for people with disabilities and their service animals, many schools are reluctant to have service animals (that are partnered with children with disabilities) included in early childhood classrooms. Teachers that have had experience with working animals in their elementary classrooms have reported many benefits, not only for the student with a disability, but for the other students in the classroom as well. Research on dogs in classrooms has shown potential social, behavioral, and academic improvements in students. However, many parents of children with service animals have reported facing significant challenges when attempting to integrate their child's service animal into their classroom environment. The purpose ofthis study is to examine the experiences of early childhood educators who have had or who may have service animals in their classrooms.


The Art of Leader Judgement in Organizations: A Qualitative Investigation of Its Development, Michayla Fuller and Rachel Sturm

It is estimated that each person faces approximately 35,000 decisions a day (Sollisch, 2016). Whereas decision-making can be scientifically reduced down to a set of steps that includes things such as identifying the problem (e.g., I am hungry). weighing decision criteria (e.g., do I want something healthy or tasty?), and generating alternative courses of action (e.g., will I get a bagel or have some cereal?), how one responds to the decision-making process overall, including identifying an appropriate course of action to [eventually] take, lies at the heart of judgement. Specifically, judgement requires that individuals, such as a leaders, make decisions knowing that everything is contextual and always changing, but are able to take action in a timely fashion (Nonakam & Takeuchi, 2011 ). Hence, judgement, unlike the rational decision-making process, is not a structured, consistent process; some judgements can be made in less than 5 minutes, while others can take weeks/months of contemplation. Also, judgement engages an individual's more creative side and imagination, which illustrates it's more artful nature.


La Magie comme paradoxe dans Moi, Tituba, Sorcière Noire de Salem, Jamie Gaffin

Le roman de Maryse Condé Moi Tituba, Sorcière Noire de Salem est une oeuvre de fiction historique qui invente une adaptation de la vie de Tituba Indien, une esclave accusée de sortilèges pendant les procès des sorcières de Salem. Les critiques littéraires discutent souvent du roman dans les termes du criticisme postcolonial et féministe. Tituba Indien est, comme le titre suggère, une sorcière, compétente dans les pouvoirs surnaturels lui communiqués par Man Yaya. Même-si Tituba est littéralement sorcière, les capacités magiques de Tituba fonctionnent aussi au niveau symbolique. L'usage de la magie symbolise la façon de laquelle son oppression est intersectionnelle: elle est opprimée au niveau de son sexe est aussi par son statut d'esclave. Malgré ces multiples facettes d'oppression, la magie de Tituba est aussi un paradoxe parce que cela représente en même temps une prison et une libération : la magie lui donne du pouvoir parce qu'elle gagne l'avantage sur ses oppresseurs dans certaines situations; cependant, c'est aussi la source majeure de sa persécution. En fin de compte, ce paradoxe résout le problème principal de la valeur symbolique de Tituba dans ce texte: l'histoire met au défi les narratives coloniales et historiques en réaffirmant Tituba dans un nouveau contexte qu'elle crée elle-même en tant que représentante d'un peuple qui sort de l'ombre.


Engine Analysis, Thomas Gaier

Engines were invented two hundred years ago but early dynamometers did not benefit from the technological advances until the last hundred years. A John Deere Model E hit-and-miss engine has a nominal power of3hp. The purpose of this project was to analyze this engine, including verifying power.

Outcomes of the analysis of this engine include brake horsepower and thermal efficiency. The first step was to put the engine under a load. This was done with a water pump system. Pressure, water flow, and rotation were measured from tests using the system.This type of system is analogous to a water brake dynamometer used in industry.

Results of the analysis were hindered due to unknown efficiencies of the transmission belt and pump. These quantities can be found by using a motor with known power output. The entire system's output was .35hp and an angular velocity of47-37 radians per second.


A New Understanding of Palliative Care, Sarah Gale

The purpose of this paper is to discuss palliative care and how it is relates to chronic illness. It will include the current problems with palliative care as it is associated with chronic illness. The significance to nursing will be indicated and a review of literature follow and then by a synthesis of the literature. A project proposal will follow the synthesis followed by an evaluation of the implemented project and conclusion.


Test Anxiety and Undergraduate Nursing Students: The Concept, Impact, and Interventions, Sarah MacAdam

Test anxiety in undergraduate nursing students negatively impacts test scores and overall academic success. This project utilizes current literature to identify the concept of test anxiety, the impact of test anxiety on undergraduate nursing students, and interventions to help reduce test anxiety. Literature findings will then be included in an educational PowerPoint presentation given to an undergraduate nursing course at Wright State University.


Educational Strategies for Preventing and Managing Coronary Artery Disease (CAD), Anna M. Mills

Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a leading cause of death in the United States and many older people suffer from this disease (Luisi et al., 2015). It is vital that nurses understand the importance of education, good nursing care, and support in improving patient outcomes. Nurses care for patients with heart disease every day and it is important that nurses have a good understanding of the disease process, how to effectively educate patients, and how to care for them in hospital and community settings. The purpose of this project is to (1) perform a comprehensive literature review regarding prevention, education, and management of CAD, (2) develop new and creative educational strategies that nurses can implement with their patients, (3) create and distribute an educational pamphlet for nurses, healthcare staff and nursing students, and (4) create and give a presentation of this material to junior nursing students. The layout of this paper will be organized into three sections: Chapter I will describe the purpose and significance of this project, Chapter II will be a relevant review of the literature, and Chapter III will be a detailed description of implementation for the final project.


Automated Impact Device, Jason Montavon

This report outlines the progress and development ofan automated impact device (AID). This device was designed to be inexpensive, user-friendly, and modular. Developed with the parameters of vibration analysis. the AID can perform a variety of experimental procedures. Using simple C code and components that are both affordable and easy to obtain, the AID was designed to perform the same task as its more expensive counterparts. With this thought-process, the device was engineered to easily and quickly interchange components depending on the required task. Outlined in the report is the code used to operate the AID and the basic components used to create the circuity. Restrained by time and budget, only a functional prototype showing the variable frequency and force of the impacts was created. Included in theexperimental section is the limited testing performed with the AID. This data shows the validity of the design, needing further refinement to be a proper lab testing device.


Creation of a Novel Human Wound Model to Test Novel Wound Healing Approaches, Nathan Northern

In the US there is a growing prevalence of chronic wounds such as such as leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and pressure ulcers. These wounds persist for long periods of time and are expensive to manage. Improved human-based model systems that emulate the wound healing process in humans would accelerate the identification of novel healing strategies that are directly translatable to humans. The goal of this study was to develop a novel wound model able to imitate the human wound healing process. To do this, 8mm punch biopsies were taken from human abdominoplasty samples and 2mm wounds were created in the center of the punches. Punch biopsies were maintained in transwells at the air-liquid interface. The viability of the model was confirmed by Mn staining and the structure evaluated with H&E staining. Two approaches to induce wound healing, Adipose Derived Stem Cells {ASC) and Red Light Therapy (RLT), were investigated. It was found that the human tissue wound models were able to persist for at least 4 months without "wound" closure. H&E staining demonstrated that they maintained normal skin structure and Mnindicated that the tissues were alive. ASCs were isolated from fat and their purity and ability to differentiate were confirmed by flow cytometry and differentiation assays. Whereas ASC or RLT were able to partially close the wounds, a combination of ASC and RLT resulted in wound expansion. However, this latter result may have been due to bacterial contamination. These wound models could revolutionize wound healing studies because they are derived from human skin and maintain their integrity. In the future, we will confirm the degree to which they replicate chronic wounds and determine the efficacy of novel stem cell, RLT, human skin equivalent, and other growth-factor based treatments to mediate wound closure.


Parent Education on Childhood Vaccinations: Implications for Nursing Practice, Kristen Sevier

Early childhood vaccination rates in Ohio have been stagnant in the past couple of years. The purpose of this project was to use current evidence regarding early childhood vaccination rates to identify how nurses can effectively educate parents to increase childhood vaccination rates. The findings from this project helped establish an educational brochure for pediatric nurses as a nurse-led intervention to address vaccination adherence among parents at the point of care. The ultimate goal is to improve vaccination coverage among early childhood populations in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The educational brochure was created and presented to pediatric nurse faculty at Wright State University for face and content validity. The final educational brochure was disseminated to nursing faculty to share with their nursing students during their clinical rotations in the region.


The Morality of Superheroes: Gods No More, Jessica Testerman

Do you think a superhero is a god or a mortal?

Modern pop culture is saturated with superheroes; in fact, it feels like there is a new superhero movie every three months or so. Thus, it is no wonder that after being soaked in this culture of superheroes that act with impunity in worlds of their author’s creation that a someone should wonder at the morality of superheroes. In my work, I argue against the popular belief that anyone who acts “good” and has a superpower is a superhero.

I propose a new way of defining the superhero that removes the superhero from the pedestal of demi-god/god that they are placed on by society and returns the superhero to the realm of the human without nerfing their abilities. This essay is broken up into four sections; starting with my definition, moving into the philosophy backing me up, progressing with a practical section of the application, and ending in a conclusion. Each section will examine things very relevant to demonstrating why my definition of the superhero is important to returning the superhero to the people.

The third section of this paper, which focuses on philosophy which bolsters my argument, features a lesser known work of Simone de Beauvoir, The Ethics of Ambiguity. This work will be used to show how my definition is not only informed by philosophy, but help return the superhero to the mortal realm.


A Leveraged Buyout of Paychex, Inc., Devon Zielanzy

A leveraged buyout is the acquisition of a company funded primarily through debt, typically 60% to 70% of the price, while a financial sponsor provides the remaining amount of funding. A public company is acquired, then made private, and finally sold after a period of time for a profit. During the time that the company is held private, cash flows of the firm are used to repay the debt taken on to acquire it and actions are taken to improve the business and performance of the firm (Rosenbaum 161-162).

Submissions from 2016


Micro-Raman Investigation of Residual Stresses in SiC/SiC Composites, Kaitlin Kollins

Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs) are being developed for use in extreme operating conditions. Specifically, there is interest to replace superalloys with Silicon-Carbide/Silicon-Carbide (SiC/SiC) CMCs in the hot section of gas turbine engines because of their lower densities, high temperature performance, and oxidation resistance. Due to the high temperature processing conditions of SiC/SiC CMCs, there are thermal residual stresses inherent to the material. This study focused on using micro-Raman Spectroscopy on as manufactured SiC/SiC CMCs to measure and investigate the residual stresses within a fiber and the matrix material. Following the silicon Raman active mode at 520 cm-1 and the SiC Raman active mode around 790 cm-1 within the composite, residual stresses within the matrix and the reinforcing fibers could be investigated with a spatial resolution of 1 micron. Understanding the residual stress will enable better understanding of behavior and life performance in application environments.


Dynamic and Static Stretching are Equally Effective Techniques for Female High School Soccer Players, Morgan Stefanoff

Female athletes are more likely than males to experience anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears. Common mechanisms for ACL injury include anterior tibial shears occurring between 20-30 degrees of knee flexion and knee valgus (adduction). Stretching prior to exercise reduces the likelihood of ACL tears. I tested the hypothesis that dynamic stretching would reduce the likelihood of ACL tears as indexed by a greater range of motion (ROM) and greater joint stability (knee valgus) than static stretching. Twenty-seven healthy female soccer athletes in high school (ages 15-18) participated. The athletes completed a sit-and-reach test for flexibility, squats to assess ROM, and countermovement jumps to assess knee valgus. They were split into static and dynamic stretching groups and then played an hour of soccer. The flexibility, ROM, and knee valgus measures were taken again after practice. Flexibility of right leg (RL) and left leg (LL) before and after both stretching conditions increased significantly (p ≤ 0.05). Dynamic stretching improved flexibility more than static stretching. Range of motion of RL and LL before and after both stretching conditions was not significantly different, nor was there a difference in ROM between the two stretching conditions. Knee valgus angle of RL and LL before and after both stretching conditions was not significantly different, nor was there a difference in knee valgus between the two stretching conditions. Since neither the ROM nor the knee valgus were dependent on the type of stretch, athletes should choose their stretching method to improve their performance rather than to reduce risk of ACL injury.

Submissions from 2015


Facilitating Increased Treatment Adherence in Adult Mental Health Patients, Elizabeth Lavezzi

Treatment adherence rates are low among adult mental health patients. The purpose of this project is to utilize current literature regarding treatment adherence in adult mental health patients in order to identify nursing interventions to address treatment adherence and to create an educational presentation for mental health nurses regarding these interventions. The educational presentation will be created and presented to local mental health nurses in the Miami Valley, and a poster will be produced as a reference.