Submissions from 2023


Treatment of PTSD and SUD for the incarcerated population with EMDR: A pilot study, Huma A. Bashir

Submissions from 2018

Understanding Contributing Factors to Cultural Identity of Pakistani Americans, Huma A. Bashir and Mei Tang


Surviving and Thriving at a University in the United Kingdom, Roxanne S. DuVivier, Gina Oswald, Lindsey Steller, and Kate Bumhoffer

Engaging and Training Students in the Development of Inclusive Learning Materials for Their Peers, Sally Everett and Gina Oswald

Reducing Ethical Complaints Through Professional Counselor Competency in Court Testimony, Joshua D. Francis, Gina Oswald, and Brandé Flamez

The Impact of Professional Counselor Competency and Ethical Complaints on Job Satisfaction in Court Testimony, Joshua D. Francis, Gina Oswald, and Leslie Neyland-Brown

Universal Design for Learning in Rehabilitation Education: Meeting the Needs for Equal Access to Electronic Course Resources and Online Learning, Gina Oswald, Nathan Adams, Robert David, and Jeffrey A. Hiles

The State of Undergraduate Rehabilitation Education: Current Program Coordinator Perspectives, Gina Oswald, Garrett Huck, and J. Chad Duncan

Rehabilitation Counseling and Social Justice Implications for Workingwith Individuals who Practice Santería, Gina Oswald, Jasmin Saville, and Chrisann Schiro-Geist

Submissions from 2017


Examining the Relationship between Traumatic Experiences and Posttraumatic Growth among Counselors-in-Training, John A. Conteh, Mary J. Huber, and Huma A. Bashir

A Call for a National Evidence-Based Programs and Practices Registry in Vocational Rehabilitation, Mary J. Huber, Gina Oswald, Chan Fong, and Josephine Wilson

Short-Term Job Shadowing Experience Benefits for Undergraduate Rehabilitation Students, Gina Oswald, Lee Ann Alderman, and Penny Willmering

Understanding Perceived Short-Term Outcomes from a ProfessionalRehabilitation Cultural Experience to Cuba, Gina Oswald, Laura Tejada, Michelle Marmé, and Patricia N. Roberts

Submissions from 2016

The Current State of Specialization and Self-Identity Among Certified Rehabilitation Counselors, Lee Ann Alderman and Gina Oswald

Degree Completion and Employment Outcomes among Graduates with Disabilities, Mary J. Huber, Gina Oswald, Thomas Webb, and Alan Avila-John

VR Service Patterns and Employment Outcomes of Transition-Aged Youth, Gina Oswald

Predictive Value of Personal Characteristics and the Employment of Transition-Aged Youth in Vocational Rehabilitation, Gina Oswald, Lee Ann Alderman, Robert Flexer, and Mary J. Huber


An Academic Coaching Model Intervention for College Students on the Autism Spectrum, Heather M. Rando, Mary J. Huber, and Gina Oswald

Submissions from 2015

Diversity From the Ecological Perspective, Huma A. Bashir and Mei Tang

When All Else Fails: Some New and Old Tools for Doing Brief Therapy, Rubin Battino


Student Perceptions of Completing a Research Methods Course, Michael Kiener, Gina Oswald, Mya Vaughn, Katherine Kline, and Bob Bertolino


Technology-Delivered Content Accessibility for Students with Disabilities, Gina Oswald


Effective Job-Seeking Preparation and Employment Services for College Students with Disabilities, Gina Oswald, Mary J. Huber, and Angela Bonza

The Status of Technology-Enhanced Education and Service Delivery in Rehabilitation Counselor Education, Gina Oswald, Mary J. Huber, Josephine Wilson, and Jared A. Embree

A Guide to Developing Evidence-Based Practices in Rehabilitation Counseling Research, Gina Oswald, Mary J. Huber, and Judson Workman


Universal Design for Learning: Tips and Tools for Assisting Students with Disabilities Excel in Higher Education, Gina Oswald and Michael Kiener

Submissions from 2014


On the Importance of Family and Adopted Family, Rubin Battino


On the Importance of Inclusivity, Rubin Battino

Forgive Me, Father, For I Have Forgotten You: Experiences of Fathers of Children With Disabilities, Joseph E. Keferl, Jeevitha Kempegowda, Gina Oswald, and Paul J. Toriello

Careers and Credentials: Employment Settings for Rehabilitation Practitioners, Gina Oswald

Submissions from 2013


On The Importance of Concerns (vs. Problems) in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Rubin Battino


On the Importance of Distance Writing, Structured Writing, and Workbooks, Rubin Battino


On the Importance of Expectation in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Rubin Battino


On the Importance of Healing Language, Rubin Battino


On The Importance of Poetry in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Rubin Battino


The Importance of Chatting in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, Rubin Battino

Books from 2011

Howie and Ruby: Conversations, 2000-2007, Howard H. Fink and Rubin Battino

Books from 2010

Healing Language: A Guide for Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, and Counselors, Rubin Battino

Submissions from 2009

An Exploration of the Costs of Services Funded by Vocational Rehabilitation, Robert E. Cimera and Gina Oswald

Submissions from 2005

Vocational Implications of Post-polio Syndrome, Lisa M. Elrod, Merten Jabben, Gina Oswald, and Gary M. Szirony

Books from 2002

Meaning: A Play Based on the Life of Viktor E. Frankl, Rubin Battino

Metaphoria: Metaphor and Guided Metaphor for Psychotherapy and Healing, Rubin Battino

Books from 2001

Coping: A Practical Guide for People with Life-Challenging Diseases and their Caregivers, Rubin Battino

Books from 2000

Guided Imagery and Other Approaches to Healing, Rubin Battino

Submissions from 1999


Preparing Estelle for Surgery, Rubin Battino

Ericksonian Approaches: A Comprehensive Manual, Rubin Battino and Thomas L. South